Academic Pricing

Helping Academia Shape Scientific Discovery®

What is the Academic Discount?

The Academic Discount refers to special pricing structures offered to customers who are Academic Institutions.

Helping Academia helps the world become a better place. HFC's Academic Pricing are aimed at reducing the cost burden to Academia, expanding their ability to undertake new projects and research.

Types of Benefits


In many cases, Academic Institutions can enjoy discounts on their orders with HFC, materially reducing the overall purchase price.

Fee Waivers

Shipping, Handling and/or Transaction fees may be waived, reducing the overall order value.

Favorable Payment Term

Whereas commercial customers either pre-pay or are offered Net 30 terms, Academic customers can potentially enjoy Net 45 or even Net 60 terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that I receive any potential Academic Pricing offered?

When completing a Request for Quotation (RFQ) on the website, please ensure that you indicate in the form provided that your organization is an Academic Institution.

There are three ways to ensure you receive any applicable Academic Pricing:

  1. Finding the product you require on the HFC website and clicking the 'Request for Quotation' button, ensuring that on the form, you indicate that you are an Academic Institution.
  2. Using the Academic Institution RFQ Form below.
  3. Emailing our Sales team directly at sales[at], whereby our team will determine whether your organization is an Academic Institution and apply any Academic Pricing that may be applicable.

Will every order I place with HFC as an Academic Institution have an Academic Pricing applied to it?

The vast majority (84% as of FY22) of HFC quotes to Academic Institutions have an Academic Discount applied to it.

The team at HFC determines whether to apply the Academic Pricing to a specific RFQ at their discretion.

Can the Academic Pricing be claimed if the product is to be used solely for internal R&D at a non-Academic Institution, and not for commercial sale?

Although customers often use our chemicals for their internal R&D, and not for commercial sale, the Academic Pricing is only available to Academic Institutions.

Academic Institution RFQ Form