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HFC provides custom synthesis services and specializes in contract research. Whether you need a proof of concept or initial gram quantity, HFC's custom synthesis services are here to bring your first-time synthesis of complex and commercially unavailable compounds to life.

What is Custom Synthesis?

Custom synthesis projects consist of small-scale or low volume requirements which are generally for new molecules or molecules that are not commercially available.

Custom synthesis is one of the options open to drug developers in need of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or other organic/inorganic chemicals to make their products effective if it is impossible or impractical for them to make these molecules and compounds in-house.

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From Concept
To Reality

Advantages of Custom Synthesis

Access to World-Leading Laboratories and Talent

Customers that don’t currently have in-house chemistry laboratories or facilities can benefit from these custom production services. Opting to outsource the manufacturing of a product from experts in the field could be a sound idea.

Tailored For Your Application

Analytical data backs up any made-to-order synthesis products to ensure that they meet your certain needs alone. Using a contract manufacturer for custom compounds can help finalize specific details, adjust necessary changes, and perfect the product before final production for the market.

Economically Feasible and Sound

Outsourcing synthesis solutions is an approach that saves a company valuable time, money, and exertion. It also reduces unnecessary waste. The accessibility to complex target structures and materials is unparalleled as is the secure supply chain from the laboratory to processing.

Costing and Pricing

The costs associated with custom synthesis services vary greatly from one project to another. It is a combined reflection of a number of parameters like varying prices of starting materials, the number of synthesis steps involved, varying risk profiles, R&D intensities, and requirements concerning purity, safety, documentation, and analytical specification. Scale and purity have a natural influence on the pricing.

In addition, one must be aware that the first-time synthesis of unique molecules cannot be compared to the synthesis of chemicals found in a catalogue or in a supply chain. It should come as no surprise that the first-time, multi-step synthesis of novel compounds is far more expensive than straightforward, reproducible, and thoroughly documented synthesis of common chemicals.

Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

Contract Research Organizations (CROs), such as HFC, undertake Custom Synthesis projects at a semi-industrial scale, wherein quantities range in the kilograms. Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) are suited to undertake larger projects in the ton scale.

Outsourcing the manufacturing of a product to professionals that specialize in the relevant sector is common practice and results in the best use of resources.

Common industry-practice is that the contract is executed exclusively for the company giving out the contract and it is always done in accordance with confidentiality agreements. Custom synthesis can range in weight from a few milligrams to a few kilograms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I require before submitting a Request for Quotation (RFQ)?

Generally, you should give as much information as you can, because the more specific you are with your request, the more accurately we will be able to quote you and fulfill your needs. In general, we would require the following information:

  • Product Name
  • Molecular Formula (if known)
  • CAS No. (if known)
  • Quantity Required
  • Purity
  • Application
  • Any references to publication or literature references (if available)
  • Reaction Scheme

What are the typical quantities of Custom Synthesis projects?

Custom synthesis projects often start out with very small gram quantities, often dubbed proof-of-concept orders, wherein the new novel compound is analytically analyzed by the customer to determine whether it fits their larger applications.

Once validated, quantities begin to scale up into the kilograms.

Who is the target market of HFC's contract research and custom synthesis services?

This service does not focus on a specific demographic of clients and is not dependent on any one particular business.

With that being said, much of HFC's Custom Synthesis projects are in the pharmaceutical space.

Will I be provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

All queries are dealt with strict confidentiality, however, if you would like to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), please let our team know to be provided with one.

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